Penis Enlargement

As far as male sexuality is concerned, people may come to a conclusion that a considerable part of them thinks that their penis is not big enough, struggles with problems with maintaining an erection and with too low libido.

Until now, surgical procedures was one of the solutions. Nevertheless, you do not have to be afraid of anything, as there are many supplements available on the market which effectively help solve most of your problems.

Considering such a discomfort, we decided to prepare a ranking of effective supplements, thanks to which you will get rid of any complexes.

The composition, action, application, as well as availability and price of the products were taken into account. We are convinced that with our help, the right product will be found.


Best Penis Enlargement Cream - Ranking

Expansil Cream
Rating: 10/10
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Durability of results:

Expansil Cream is a popular penis enlargement product for men of all ages. A systematic use has a positive influence on penis elongation in just a few weeks. As a result, complexes are eliminated and the self-confidence is improved.


The formula of the supplement was developed on the basis of natural ingredients, thanks to which it is non-allergenic and does not cause allergic reactions. Moreover, Expansil Cream is characterized by a very pleasant fragrance, thanks to which its use provides an additional sensory experience. Expansil Cream in its composition contains:

  • Peppermint leaf oil - has a stimulating and arousing effect, enlarging the penis and improving a man's self-confidence; it is characterised by antibacterial, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Rosehip seed oil - protects the circulatory system, improves the condition of blood vessels, regenerates and makes the skin elastic, prevents abrasions.
  • Ginkgo biloba oil - protects against the destructive influence of free radicals which damage the structure of tissues, increases the inflow of blood to the penis, regulates the tension of smooth muscles of the penis and thus supports the achievement of satisfactory sexual intercourse with a partner, ensures natural regulation of testosterone levels in blood.
  • Aloe leaf juice - moisturises and soothes, exhibits antibacterial and antifungal properties, improves the condition of the penis skin, maintains an optimal pH, thus providing resistance against the development of bacterial infections.
  • Arnica montana - has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, strengthening effects, improves circulation, regulates blood pressure and supports the functioning of veins.


Studies show that the regular use of Expansil Cream has a definite effect on:

  • Lengthening and thickening of the penis,
  • Improving the sexual experience of the man and his partner,
  • Vasodilation,
  • Nourishing and moisturising the penis,
  • Providing desirable vitamins and minerals,
  • Improving self-confidence,
  • Improving your own self-esteem,
  • Getting rid of complexes.

The use

Expansil Cream is a solution that should be used regularly. When it is used occasionally, the desired results may not appear. Expansil Cream is available in the form of a cream, which is used every day, evenly spreading it on the skin of the penis, in strokes - from bottom to top. Regularity in action ensures lengthening and thickening of the penis. The best effects are provided by a treatment lasting several weeks, during which the cream will be applied twice a day.

Where to buy and at what price

Expansil Cream is a product available only on the Internet. However, keep in mind that there are many counterfeits available online. Therefore, we recommend purchasing the product through the manufacturer's direct website. You can be sure of safety, effectiveness and full discretion of your purchase. The entire purchase process is not complicated, as the product is shipped in just 48 hours from placing an order so that the prying eyes of neighbours will not be able to find out what is in the package.

The product is available at the price of £35. This price initially seems exorbitant, but taking into account the effectiveness and efficiency of the product, it is very adequate. What is more, if we decide to buy a larger quantity of Expansil Cream, we can take advantage of attractive promotional sets.

  • 1 pack costs £49.00
  • 2 packs cost £88.20
  • 3 packs can be purchased for £117.60
Member XXL
Rating: 9,8/10
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Durability of results:

Member XXL is a highly rated dietary supplement for penis enlargement, the composition of which is based on natural ingredients. Its action is based on widening blood vessels in the genital area, which results in penis thickening and lengthening up to 9 cm. In turn, sensitisation of male genital organs to external stimuli has a direct impact on achieving a satisfying intimate rapprochement, and thus greater satisfaction of the female partner during intercourse.


It is L-Arginine, Mace and Korean Ginseng which are responsible for increasing the amount of blood reaching the corpus cavernosum of the penis, increasing penis size as well as improving erection and enhancing libido. Member-XXL in its composition also contains extracts from Sabal Palm and Chinese Citrus fruit as well as saffron, black pepper and fenugreek extract. The effectiveness of the supplement is based on the selection of the best ingredients as well as the appropriate proportion of active substances. Due to the fact that MemberXXL contains only natural ingredients, we do not have to worry about any side effects. The product is well tolerated by men.


The supplement quickly penetrates the source of the problem and improves blood circulation in the cavernous bodies of the penis causing its systematic growth. The first effects are visible after 2-3 weeks after starting the treatment with Member XXL and they constitute penis lengthening by approx. 2 cm. Due to individual differences in body structure and metabolism, a 3-4 month treatment guarantees achieving the full effect of the whole treatment, i.e. even 9 additional centimetres.

Use of

Take 1 capsule twice a day, preferably one before breakfast and one before dinner with plenty of water. 1 pack of Member XXL contains 60 capsules, which is enough for a one-month- treatment. The product should not be used if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. The manufacturer does not recommend exceeding the recommended daily dose.

Where to buy and at what price

It is recommended to purchase directly from the website of the exclusive distributor or manufacturer because only then do we have a guarantee of purchasing a full-value, original product. The current price of one package is £ 30. However, on the manufacturer's website you can find packages at attractive prices - for example, if you buy 3 packs of the supplement, you get another 3 for free. For example:

  • 1 pack costs £39.00
  • 3 packs cost £78.00
  • 6 packs can be purchased for £117.00
Eron Plus
Rating: 9,6/10
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Durability of results:

Eron Plus is a set consisting of two products, the systematic use of which ensures satisfactory effects in the form of erection enhancement. The set includes Eron Plus and Eron Plus Before. The first product is intended for everyday use, and the second one is taken 2 hours before an intercourse and directly stimulates an erection.


Eron Plus has been developed with attention to every detail and its composition has been selected in such a way as to ensure the best possible effect. The formula contains, among others, l-arginine, maca root, mace, Korean ginseng, fenugreek. L-arginine has an antioxidant effect, slows down ageing processes and increases the body's efficiency. What is more, this component reduces smooth muscle tension, relaxes blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, which is extremely important during erections. Maca root has a positive effect on spermatogenesis, namely sperm production. Fenugreek has a favourable effect on male libido and prolongs and helps to maintain an erection. Korean ginseng root and mace have a decisive effect on the production of testosterone and thus increase male strength and improve erection.


The set including Eron Plus and Eron Plus Before provides comprehensive support for problems with erection or its maintenance, eliminating the causes of these problems as well as improving the quality of erection. The research proves that these tablets increase the desire for sex and at the same time increase blood supply to the penis, thanks to which it is possible to achieve a satisfactory and much harder erection. The supplement strengthens blood vessels, thanks to which it helps to maintain an erection until reaching an orgasm. Men can also count on increased intensity of sensations.

Eron Plus Before is a solution that already gives a satisfying effect after only 30 minutes. Nevertheless, the manufacturer recommends the simultaneous use of Eron Plus and Eron Plus Before. Among the most frequently mentioned effects resulting from the use of these products, men mention: quick, trouble-free erection, increased penis rigidity, longer intercourse with a partner, more intense sensations, improved intensity and strength of orgasm.

The use

Eron Plus – take one capsule twice a day. Take the capsule before a meal with plenty of water.

Eron Plus Before – take one capsule 30 minutes before a planned intercourse.

Where to buy and at what price

It is best to buy Eron Plus tablets on an authorized manufacturer's website because then we gain a full guarantee of discretion, original and fully safe products. Then we do not have to fear that the product ordered by us will differ in composition or action from the authentic Eron Plus. The manufacturer offers the product available in three price variants:

  • 1 pack costs £49.00
  • 3 packs cost £98.00
  • 6 packs can be purchased for the price of £147.00
Rating: 9,4/10
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Durability of results:

Semaxin is a product desidned to support male fertility. Semaxin is a high quality dietary supplement based on unique and natural ingredients which make it possible to support the male sexual system. It is safe to say that the product can be used by every man who wants to improve sexual performance and fertility.


The unique blend consists of:

  • N-acetyl-L-cysteine provides DNA protection, which protects the genetic material present in semen.
  • Astragalus root extract affects sperm motility, improves mood and reduces physical and mental fatigue.
  • Mace fruit extract is one of the natural testosterone boosters, it affects erection, libido and increases fertility.
  • Saffron flower extract improves male libido, strengthens erections and increases the amount of semen produced by men.
  • Vitania ashwagandha extract is an ingredient regulating hormonal economy and ensuring immunity of the circulatory system. The extract also influences the increase of sperm mobility and their amount.
  • Vitamin E, vitamin B12, folate, zinc and selenium Selenium SeLECT - reduces the risk of fertility problems, influences sperm quality and spermatogenesis.


The manufacturer of the supplement assures that regular use of the product guarantees:

  • Increased sperm motility,
  • Improved sperm quality,
  • Spermogenesis,
  • Improved libido,
  • Increased production of testosterone,
  • Maintainined male sexual function,

The use

Based on natural ingredients, the formula is completely safe and does not cause undesirable side effects. The manufacturer recommends the use of 2 capsules of the supplement daily. They should be taken 30 minutes before meals, with plenty of water, for a period of several weeks. The length of treatment depends on the scale of the problem, the condition of the organism and the severity of defects.

Where to buy and at what price

The original product can only be found on the manufacturer's direct website, where you can be sure to buy a tested and confirmed by research supplement. We recommend purchasing from the manufacturer because then we can be sure that the product has been tested and is completely safe. The price for one package of the product is not very low, but we can count on attractive promotional sets:

  • 1 pack costs £49.00
  • 3 packs cost £98.00
  • 6 packs can be purchased for the price of £147.00.

It is therefore no surprise that solutions involving more packaging for one-off purchases are recommended.

How to enlarge the penis?

The issue of a too-small penis is a topic that increasingly comes up in online forums and private groups. We realise that this is a rather intimate issue, sometimes causing feelings of embarrassment. Do not worry because a significant group of the men has the same problem, which is dissatisfaction with the size of the penis. Fortunately, you can take advantage of solutions that will help you eliminate this problem. All you have to do is to make some enquiries to find out that there are many options that are both effective and safe. All you have to do is to choose the best method, find all the information available about it and make sure you make the best choice.

Among the popularly chosen methods are various types of exercises for penis enlargement, highly rated supplementation, in which Expansil Cream is the most popular choice as well as surgical intervention. Choosing the right method depends on the needs and individual preferences of each man. Scientists assure that the selection of appropriate exercises will ensure penis enlargement by several weeks. Remember, however, that these should be exercises recommended by a sexologist or urologist. We must remember to help ourselves rather than accidentaly do harm.

Penis enlargement exercises

When starting penis lengthening exercises, measure your penis in a flaccid and erect state to have a reference point for comparing the results later. Prepare a list of exercises, make a decision about the quantity and order you plan to perform. The research confirms that penis enlargement exercises produce the best and fastest results in men at a young age. The later you start, the longer you will have to wait for satisfactory results. Pay attention to whether the exercises you perform will not require you to use lubricants. Penis enlargement exercises should include stretching, pressing and shaking the penis. One of the many recommended exercises for penis lengthening is stretching the penis so as not to cause pain. The exercise should be performed at rest for about 15-20 seconds every day, even several times a day. This exercise does not require the use of lubricants. Remember to shake the penis after stretching, in order to restore proper blood circulation in the member. Another exercise is to move the penis during erection, several times, in different directions. When your penis is in a state of so-called semi-erection, apply lubricant, then grasp the penis from above with your thumb and forefinger and move your hand over it for about 5 minutes. When ejaculation is imminent, wait until the excitement has passed. The exercises are quite simple, but you need to become skilled at applying the right amount of pressure. Unfortunately, as a rule, exercises take time to develop the desired effects.


Penis enlargement pills and creams

This is one of the most popular methods thanks to which it is possible to increase the size of the penis quickly and permanently. No wonder, as pills and creams are easily available and satisfactory effects do not have to be awaited for long. What is more, they help in a short time to get rid of complexes and embarrassment in contacts with female partners. Studies show that such a method ensures vasodilatation already after several weeks of application. Thus, it improves venous microcirculation and leads to penis elongation. One of the most popular solutions is Expansil Cream, which in a short time result in appropriate nutrition, moisturising and improvement of penis elasticity. This also has an impact on increasing sensations during erection, and thus satisfaction from a close encounter, both for a man and his partner. It is one of the most effective methods of natural penis enlargement, therefore it is no wonder that so many men decide to use this method. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the possibilities offered by the use of Expansil Cream.

Penis enlargement with hyaluronic acid

It is a relatively new solution, but is an excellent alternative to surgery. Penis enlargement with hyaluronic acid can be performed using the patient's own fat or natural filler (hyaluronic acid). The procedure is short, as it takes only 20-30 minutes. It is painless and completely safe, as it takes place under the supervision of a doctor under local anaesthesia. At the same time, it should be emphasised that hyaluronic acid has appropriate properties as close as possible to neighbouring tissues and is registered for genital plasty in the countries of the European Union. One of the most popular methods of administration of the hyaluronic acid supllement is introduction of the filler only on the lateral sides of the penile shaft. As a result, the ellipse of the penile cross-section is maximally increased, which leads to increased sexual sensations. Hyaluronic acid provides almost immediate effects in the form of an increase in thickness of 1-5 cm and length of 0.5-1 cm after the first treatment. Due to the fact that hyaluronic acid is a natural substance, over time it is naturally washed out, which is why it is recommended to repeat the treatment every 3-6 months.

Penis enlargement extenders

If men are dissatisfied with the size of their penis, they can use special penis enlargement devices, which include so-called extenders. Extenders are worn daily even for several hours, which leads to elongation of penis tissues without causing any discomfort. Nevertheless, we emphasise that satisfactory effects will be noticed only after the lapse of sometimes 6 months in the form of elongation of 2-3 centimetres. It seems to us that this solution will not fully satisfy all customers. At the same time, it should be noted that these devices may cause painful erections, blood circulation disorders in the penis (due to continuous pressure) as well as sensory disorders within the glans, which may be irreversible.

Penis pumps

Pumps are among the methods helping to increase the size of a penis. Generally speaking, these are devices in the form of a transparent cylinder, which is put on the penis, and then, air gets through it. Consequesntly, it causes enlargement of the penile cavernous bodies and inflow of blood to the penis. Such a device is applied about 30 minutes before intercourses. When the desired size is reached, the ring on the cylinder is slipped off, placed at the base of the penis so that the blood does not flow out, and intercourse is performed. When the sexual intercourse has ended, the ring has to be removed.

Penis enlargement surgery

Penis enlargement surgery is counted among the methods giving almost immediate results but, unfortunately, it requires surgical interference. Men are usually reluctant to it. No wonder, as this solution is already a serious operation on our body. Penis enlargement surgery involves cutting the ligament connecting the penis with the pubic bone. It is which makes the penis lower and thus longer. Although the effects are visible after the procedure, the method is quite expensive. That is why, few men decide to have it done.


The choice of the best solution depends on the individual needs of the man. It depends on him which solution is chosen. There are many methods of penis enlargement, therefore it is recommended to get acquainted with all possible alternatives, analyse their strengths and weaknesses. At the same time we reassure you that the length and thickness of the penis can be compensated by choosing appropriate sexual techniques. Remember also that the size of the penis may change depending on many factors as it shrinks under the influence of low temperature, fatigue, anxiety, panic fear, among others. It is recommeneded to take a look at Expansil Cream, which is very popular among men wishing to increase the size of their own penis.

Erection problems - everything you need to know

Erectile dysfunction is an increasingly common ailment in a significant number of the male population. Although this problem mainly affects men over 50, it can appear in much younger people. There are many reasons for this. These include cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hormonal disorders, chronic stress, depression, and conditions after prostate surgery. How do erection problems manifest themselves? Lack of an erection in the morning should set off a red warning light in us. Nevertheless, before going to the doctor, it is worth using home remedies to strengthen the erection. What are they? Well-chosen physical activity, diet or herbs may prove effective.

What is an erectile dysfunction?

In general, an erectile dysfunction is nothing more than the inability to achieve or maintain an erection to the extent that a man can have satisfactory sexual intercourse. This problem makes it impossible to have an active and satisfying sex life. As a result, a couple may break up. Fortunately, nowadays men can benefit from effective solutions for achieving an erection. These lead to the cavernous bodies in the penis filling up with blood causing an erection.

It is also worth mentioning that achieving an erection is influenced by the cooperation of the nervous system with the vascular system, thanks to which under the influence of a sexual stimulus the erection centre is stimulated. This causes the cavernous bodies located in the penis to fill up with blood, which makes it increase its volume, become bigger and harder.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction

The symptoms of erectile dysfunction are not treated as a disease, which is something we must remember. They are symptoms of a disease or other unfavourable mental or physical conditio. If it is untreated, it can, consequently, lead to serious problems. The first question to be answered is whether the symptoms of erectile dysfunction are frequent or just a single incident. We need to know that the symptoms of erectile dysfunction may appear gradually or occur suddenly. At the same time, we reassure you that a single incident in the form of erectile problems does not have to mean anything bad right away, as it can be due to a number of reasons, i.e. stress, inappropriate relations with your partner, fatigue. If the problem is of a long-term nature, a specialist should be consulted immediately. When a man experiences erection problems, first surprise and disbelief appear, then embarrassment, and as a consequence anger.

Erectile dysfunction can appear in the form of:

  • total incapacity to have sexual intercourse,
  • a single inability to get an erection,
  • inability to maintain an erection for full sexual intercourse.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

There are many causes of erectile dysfunction. It should be noted that they may have both psychological and physical grounds. We have to realize that frequent and long-lasting erection problems can be the cause of many serious conditions that should not be underestimated under any circumstances. Lack of erection can be the cause of such problems as:

  • atherosclerosis or hypertension,
  • diabetes, hyperlipidaemia, thyroid disease, hypogonadism, metabolic syndrome,
  • depression,
  • multiple sclerosis, stroke,
  • liver failure, kidney failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,
  • Peyronie's disease, penile fracture,
  • spinal cord injury, pelvic fracture,
  • loss or reduction of libido, premature ejaculation,
  • psychotropics, blood pressure medication, hormones,
  • sedentary lifestyle, obesity,
  • smoking, alcohol abuse,
  • deterioration of the relationship with the partner,
  • stress, exhaustion, overwork,
  • low self-esteem.

Under no circumstances should erection problems be underestimated, as they may be a sign of a more serious health condition. In many cases, treatment of these diseases or change in lifestyle and elimination of unsuitable habits is able to improve the overall health and erection.


Treatment of erectile dysfunction with testosterone

There are many effective methods to help cure problems with achieving an erection. One of them is testosterone treatment. This method is used in several cases, e.g. a decrease in sex drive caused by low levels of testosterone, loss of body hair, enlarged mammary glands and a decrease in muscle size and strength. On the basis of a test ordered by a doctor, we should determine the level of testosterone in our body. Tthe next step is to find why the level is too low. However, we should be aware that the use of more testosterone in treatment may consequently lead to the retention of large amounts of water in the body, the appearance of acne, prostate enlargement and gynaecomastia.

Erectile enhancement drugs

On the market, there is a large selection of medications to combat erection problems. It turns out that many causes of erectile dysfunction stem from depression, performance anxiety and fear of satisfying a partner. In such situations dietary supplements with maca, vitamin D and selenium prove to be helpful, as they have a positive influence on men's hormonal balance. It is important to choose high quality products with proven composition and effectiveness. See also Expansil Cream, which will help you get rid of problems quickly and, most importantly, effectively.

Treatment of erectile problems with LSWT (shock wave therapy)

This method is particularly applicable to men with erection problems which are vascular in nature. We are talking about men who are overweight, over 40, smokers and those whose lifestyle is described as unhealthy. LSWT shock wave therapy includes 6 treatment sessions. The first effects will be observed already after 2-3 treatment sessions. The therapy is non-invasive and completely painless and involves activating natural repair mechanisms leading to an increase in blood flow, making it possible to achieve a stable, longer and stronger erection. Although the therapy consists of 6 sessions, it is quite expensive and therefore not every man will choose it.


It is not a well-known fact that most men experience erection problems from time to time. The problem gets worse when these incidents increase in frequency. Generally speaking, lack of erection in many situations is caused by low blood flow to the penis or a problem with the nerves that control erection. These problems result from high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes, among other conditions. Such a condition causes constriction of blood vessels and reduced blood flow to the penis. Remember, however, that problems with erection are not a shame. When the situation is a one-off. there is nothing to be afraid of. The problem arises when a man in 7 out of 10 cases is unable to achieve an erection. Try Expansil Cream today and enjoy intimate contacts with your partner.

Supplementation for penis enlargement - what you need to know

The size of a penis is a serious issue for a significant number of men, both young and old. Therefore, it is not surprising that they make efforts to find a solution that will help eliminate such problems. Many of them decide on penis enlargement pills, pumps, stretching devices, weights and various exercise techniques. We will focus on penis enlargement supplements.

Composition of penis enlargement supplements

The way the supplement is composed depends on the manufacturer. Each supplement differs in its composition and proportions of selected ingredients, but the goal is the same, namely to increase blood flow to the tissues of the buttocks. Supplements for penis enlargement consist, among others, of such ingredients as:

  • Mace - increases testosterone levels and stimulates sexual desire in men, increases fertility and raises libido, stimulates sexual behaviour,
  • Ginseng boosts vitality, has stimulating properties, has an anti-stress effect and helps to maintain potency,
  • Maca root- increases libido levels, improves male fertility,
  • L-arginine - relaxes blood vessels affecting erection quality, increases blood flow, thus filling the corpora cavernosa and penis size,
  • Spikenar d - is classified as a powerful sexual stimulant, used to treat infections of the intimate organs, has strong aphrodisiac properties, helpful in treating erectile dysfunction and to increase sexual desire.
  • Sabal palm - relieves symptoms of prostate hypertrophy, inhibits hair loss and has an anti-inflammatory effect, influences the maintenance of appropriate testosterone levels,
  • Nettle extract - supports testosterone production,
  • Muira puama – is used to treat sexual dysfunction, to treat impotence in men and decreased libido in women,
  • Fenugreek - increases testosterone levels, improves mood and increases sex drive,
  • Citronella fruit has a relaxing effect on the smooth muscles of the genitals and has properties characteristic of aphrodisiacs, making it sexually stimulating for women and men,
  • Ginkgo biloba - has a beneficial effect on circulation ensuring proper functioning of the penis,
  • Ginseng root - increases the amount of sperm and its motility, increases libido and eliminates erection problems,
  • Hawthorn - improves blood flow in the male genitals,
  • Canianka – is used to treat impotence problems and premature ejaculation, increases sperm production while improving sperm quality,
  • Epicedium - affects estrogen production,
  • Yohimbine - is used to treat male impotence, helpful in problems with achieving orgasm,
  • Catuaba - an effective aphrodisiac,

Pros and cons of penis enlargement supplements

An appropriately developed formula of supplements for enlarging the penis provides many benefits resulting from their systematic use, such as:

  • Enhancement of erections - which is the effect of increasing blood flow in the male genital organs. It helps increase the size of the adnexus as well as achieve a harder penis and thus improved erections,
  • Improving the quality of sexual life – a bigger penis influences satisfaction from sexual intercourse through increased sexual stimulation. What is more, better blood circulation inside the corpus cavernosum of the penis ensures better and faster regeneration between subsequent intercourses.
  • Increased energy level - penis enlargement supplements allow to regain vitality, thanks to which a man is ready for closer intercourse with his partner.
  • Longer intercourse - the formulations help to maintain sexual stimulation for longer, making orgasm more satisfying,
  • Formulated with natural ingredients.

Penis enlargement supplements are very popular among men. However, many of them complain that the effects do not appear immediately. We should not be surprised by this, as this is not a surgical procedure after which we see the effects practically immediately. It is necessary to wait for the results but it is worth waiting. Expansil Cream deserves a special attention here, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by numerous studies and favourable opinions among satisfied men.

Effectiveness of penis enlargement supplements

The satisfactory effect of penis enlargement supplements is ensured, among other things, by numerous studies, as well as by consumers themselves who have had the chance to use this type of opportunity. We are talking here about penis enlargement tablets or creams. Expansil Cream is number one in comparison with other possibilities. The only thing you need to do is to follow the manufacturer's recommendations. In this case it is regularity in application. What is more, all the ingredients in the supplements are also designed to increase libido, strengthen erections and improve the sexual experience. As the supplements have been tested by specialists for safety, you do not have to worry about anything when using them every day. Safety during use is ensured by a properly developed formula based only on natural ingredients. Just a few weeks of systematic treatment will cause both the man and his partner to notice a difference. This is due to an appropriately developed formula, thanks to which it is possible to accelerate pumping blood to the corpus cavernosum of the penis, improve erection, help regulate the whole hormonal economy of a man, support the circulatory system as well as normalise the activity of the central nervous system.

Penis enlargement supplements will help you solve many problems

It has been proven that using methods that help increase the size of the penis work both in the physical and mental sphere improving the overall condition of a man. Supplements help to feel like a real man without complexes. A bigger penis means both improvement of man’s sensations and sexual satisfaction of his partner. Many such preparations also increase libido, strengthen erection and improve sexual sensations. The natural composition of the supplements makes it possible to accelerate blood pumping to the corpus cavernosum of the penis, improve erections, regulate the whole hormonal economy of a man, support the circulatory system, as well as normalise the operation of the central nervous system. At the same time, it is worth noting that high quality penis enlargement supplements also influence improvement of a man's self-esteem, his self-confidence and ease in establishing new relations with women.

Small penis complex

The issue of a small penis is a problem which has occupied the minds of a considerable number of men for years. It is a rather delicate and individual matter. Many men think that the size of their penis differs from the norm and that is much than the average one. We must turn off similar thinking in ourselves, as it may lead to complexes, various kinds of fears as well as failures in intimate life. Scientists have already repeatedly stated that a small penis does not have to give a weaker sensation during sexual intercourse with a partner.

How to enlarge penis

Researchers have concluded that the average length of a man's penis at rest is between six and ten centimetres, and between eleven and seventeen centimetres during erection. Nowadays, there are many alternatives available for penis enlargement. We are talking about the possibility of using various dietary supplements and creams, among which Expansil Cream deserves a special attention. In just a few weeks this supplement helps to increase the volume and length of the penis in a natural, safe way, without causing unnecessary side effects. obviously, there is also the surgical method of penis enlargement, but it is invasive and complicated and carries a high risk of failure. For several years, men can also benefit from the penis enlargement method using hyaluronic acid, which is based on a natural component of many human tissues. It safely increases the thickness and volume of the penis in men. What is more, it is worth mentioning that systematic use of Expansil Cream ensures excellent results after a several-week- treatment.

Everything you need to know about surgical penis enlargement

Surgical enlargement of the penis takes place in the operating room under local anaesthesia, with full precautions against damaging the delicate structures of the penis. The procedure takes no longer than an hour and ensures thickening of the penis by approx. 2.5-3 cm in circumference and lengthening it by 1-2 cm in extension. The procedure should not be applied in the case of men who have problems with potency, have chronic diseases connected with connective tissue or the clotting system as well as inflammatory and purulent changes in the groin area. However, we have to mention that after the procedure we have to abstain from any sexual activity for a fortnight. When starting the treatment, it is necessary to depilate the area of intimate places. After the procedure, swelling and bumps on the penis may persist for up to two weeks. However, we do not have to worry about it because the bumps will spread evenly and nothing will be visible. If, however, some minor unevenness remains, a corrective treatment is performed during the control visit. The effects last for one to two years, which is why they are so popular.

Who decides on penis enlargement?


Among men who decide to undergo penis enlargement surgery, two groups should be distinguished. The first of them are men who decide on such a solution for fun, at the instigation of their friends or partner. Their motives do not have a deeper foundation. Meanwhile, the second group are men who, choosing penis enlargement surgery, want to eliminate complexes, improve their self-confidence and their own well-being. In many cases the reasons why they want to undergo such procedures are justified. However, it is worth emphasizing that the penis enlargement surgery may have a colossal impact. It leads to self-acceptance, greater self-confidence, ease in establishing contacts with women. What is more, the procedure helps to believe in one's own strengths while reducing feelings of stress and nervousness.

What is a micropenis?

We are dealing with a micropenis when its length at rest is between two and four centimetres, and in erection within seven centimetres. Compared to the average length of 8.5-10 cm (measured from the base), and 14-18 cm, this is a noticeable irregularity. This is an uncomfortable situation as it has physical as well as psychological effects. Micropenis can cause disturbances in the perception of one's own body, complexes, fear of intimacy and sex. Scientists have been conducting a number of studies which are to provide answers to the question where the affliction of a small penis comes from. We already know that micropenis can be caused by many abnormalities. Most probably, the small size of the penis is caused by disorders in the secretion of androgenic hormones in the fetal stage of life. Moreover, it can also be assumed that the problem of micropenis may be caused by abnormal testicular function, which produces too little testosterone, underdevelopment of corpora cavernosa or genetic defects, such as abnormal testosterone uptake from the testicles. It is supposed that the causes of micropenis include obesity, poisoning with toxins as well as certain types of medication taken by a woman during pregnancy.

Treatment of micropenis

If you have observed an affliction such as micropenis in yourself, do not worry. Nowadays it is possible to remedy this delicate issue as well. If the disorder is observed at an early age already in small boys, hormonal treatment can be undertaken. It is characterised by high effectiveness. In the case of adult men, surgery is an alternative. This solution helps to get rid of complexes and improve the quality of one's sexual life. If you are also struggling with this problem, use the methods which allow not only to lengthen, but also to thicken the penis by several centimetres.

Work on the size of your own penis!

It is well-known that men are sensitive about the size of their penis. Why are they obsessed with it? It is the size of the penis that influences the intimate life of a man and his partner as well as a man's mood and self-confidence in normal relations with other people. If you are also struggling with the problem of a small penis we hasten with good information. On the British market, there are many solutions which help to enlarge its size. Expansil Cream, which provides permanent penis enlargement, deserves a special attention here. Get to know all available information on it today.

We are aware that the sphere of men's sexuality is a rather embarrassing issue, especially if the problems appear. In many cases, inadequate penis size causes erection problems as well as men's dissatisfaction with their sexual life. It is therefore not surprising that more and more men decide to use products that could optimise their sex life.

Expansil Cream - what is it?

Expansil Cream is a popular supplement for penis enlargement which gains more and more customers every day. No wonder because Expansil Cream is characterised by natural and safe composition ensuring satisfying and long-lasting effects. The product is available on the Internet, where you can take advantage of attractive price promotions and, at the same time, gain full discretion of the shop during purchase and delivery. Expansil Cream makes men no longer feel discomfort in places where trousers or briefs have to be taken off. He does not have to fear that his penis will be assessed as too small. What is more, systematic use of the preparation leads to improvement of self-esteem, thanks to which a man feels more confident and is able to achieve more. When Expansil Cream is chosen, there is not need to be afraid of approaching a partner because your penis should not make you feel complex.

Expansil Cream - action

A well-balanced fromula of Expansil Cream is designed to lengthen and thicken the penis. This is an important issue as the size of the penis helps to overcome complexes and, at the same time, improves sexual experiences of both the man and his partner. We must emphasise that in intimate relationships penis size does matter! This is confirmed by studies conducted among women as well as men of different age groups. This is all the more important as women increasingly want to experiment in bed, and it is the right size of the male penis that can guarantee intimate satisfaction and complete fulfilment. Expansil Cream helps to achieve a penis size larger than average, thanks to which one may count on longer and more intense orgasms.

The scientists working on the formulation and therefore the best performance of Expansil Cream ensure that:

  • It helps dilate blood vessels and thus improves venous microcirculation,
  • It penetrates deep into the penis nourishing, moisturising and improving the elasticity of its tissues,
  • It enhances the sensations during an erection and thus the satisfaction from a close encounter,
  • It plays a key role in improving the sex life of both the man and his partner,
  • It is a source of many desirable vitamins and minerals for the body,
  • Improves self-confidence.

Expansil Cream - what changes will you see

Expansil Cream is a solution that works in stages, so that every day you will see changes taking place in your penis. The product works by stimulating blood flow to the penis in the first stage and strengthening the smooth muscles of the penis in the next stage, so you are able to achieve permanent penis enlargement. It only takes a month to notice what changes Expansil Cream will cause:

Week 1- increased libido

week 2 - penis increases in volume, sensitivity of intimate area increases

week 3 - thicker and longer penis

Week 4 - lengthening of the penis by 4-5 cm.

To sum up Expansil Cream:

  • prevents flaccidity of the penis,
  • strengthens the structure of the skin and improves its cohesiveness,
  • increases blood flow to the penis,
  • regulates nitric oxide levels, making it easier to achieve an erection.

Expansil Cream works quickly and effectively so that the first, visible to the naked eye results are noted already after less than four weeks of treatment. However, the manufacturer recommends using the product for a period of 3 months because this ensures the permanent maintenance of the achieved results.


Expansil Cream- composition

Expansil Cream is a valued product for penis enlargement gaining recognition all over the world. Wondering what makes it different from other solutions? The basis is a formula created on the basis of natural plant extracts. It is a meticulous selection of even the smallest ingredient. It guarantees that Expansil Cream does not cause any side effects, which is an undoubted advantage. Therefore, it is no wonder that it is gaining more and more satisfied consumers every day. Moreover, the use of Expansil Cream provides us with pleasant sensations, as it is characterized by a very pleasant fragrance, thanks to the peppermint contained in it. Expansil Cream bases its action on such ingredients as:

Peppermint leaf oil

It is a source of many valuable vitamins and mineral salts. It contains among others vitamins A and C, flavonoids, potassium and calcium. Menthol and flavonoids contained herein have a stimulating effect, simultaneously supporting penis enlargement and improving a man's mood as well as his self-confidence. Peppermint leaf oil is also characterised by antibacterial, bactericidal, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. The oil's effect on softening and moistening the surface of the penis has also been noted, allowing men to derive more pleasure from each sexual act. We must realise that satisfaction on the part of the man also leads to satisfying sensations for his partner.

Rosehip seed oil

The plant is valued for its composition and properties, thanks to which it is used in medicine and cosmetology. Wild rose seeds are a rich source of vitamins C, A, K, E, B1, B6, tannins, and omega fatty acids. The vitamin C content has impact on strengthening of the organism, ensuring protection of the circulatory system while positively influencing the condition of blood vessels. Wild rose also enhances the production of collagen, which helps maintain proper skin condition. It has been proven that the wild rose is a source of valuable flavonoids characterised by a strong anti-inflammatory effect and strengthening the circulatory system. This has a direct impact on the intimate life of a man and his partner. Moreover, rosehip oil shows strong regenerating and elasticising properties, thanks to which it perfectly moisturises the skin, preventing abrasions. The unsaturated fatty acids contained in the oil have a soothing, smoothing and softening effect on the upper layers of the skin, preventing dryness of the skin. As a result, strong erotic sensations is ensured.

Ginkgo leaf oil

This extract contains as many as 60 bioactive components, including flavonoids and turpentine, which contribute to protection against the destructive effects of free radicals that damage tissue structure. Ginkgo biloba oil undoubtedly plays a major role during intercourse as it has a beneficial effect on erection. Due to its support for the release of nitric oxide, it increases the inflow of blood to the penis, regulates the smooth muscle tone of the penis and thus aids in achieving a satisfying rapprochement with the partner. This ingredient helps to achieve a strong and hard erection, which is essential during sexual intercourse. Ginkgo biloba oil has a significant effect on penis size due to its action as a natural regulator of testosterone levels in the blood.

Aloe leaf juice

Its presence has an important effect on wound healing because it supports the regeneration of the epidermis and has strong immune-boosting properties. Aloe vera also moisturises and soothes the skin and has antibacterial and antifungal properties. On many levels, aloe vera leaf juice has a positive effect on the condition of the skin and stimulates collagen production. Aloe leaf juice makes the skin of the penis pleasant to the touch. What is more, aloe vera maintains the optimum pH level and thus provides resistance against the development of bacterial infections. This is something people would like to avoid at all costs.

Arnica montana

A plant with beautiful yellow flowers that belongs to the Asteraceae family. Thanks to its composition and valuable properties, the plant has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and strengthening effects. What is extremelly important importance is the presence of flavonoids, bioactive compounds with anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects. It is also worth mentioning that the presence of mountain arnica improves blood circulation, regulates blood pressure and supports the functioning of veins, thanks to which it prevents the formation of venous thrombosis because it guarantees free blood flow. Only thanks to this it is possible to achieve a lasting erection.

The cream has been developed on the basis of plant extracts which ensures improvement of skin elasticity, increase of erection and restoration of peace and feeling of comfort. At the same time, it is worth emphasising that Expansil Cream protects the skin of intimate areas against excessive drying and ageing.